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Cookie Program History

Everyone has some memory of our rich, delicious Girl Scout Cookies. They are a familiar part of our American Culture. The first recorded sale was in 1917 when an industrious troop in Oklahoma baked and sold cookies in a high school cafeteria. For more than 80 years, Girl Scouts have taken part in this fabulous program and have grown to be courageous women filled with confidence.

The Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa contracts with ABC Bakers to supply all of our wonderful cookies. We are proud that our cookie baker is located within our jurisdiction - in North Sioux City, SD! You can feel great that you are not only supporting your local Girl Scouts, but, you are supporting our local economy by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies!

Girl Scouts of the USA has a detailed listing of the rich history of the national Girl Scout Cookie Sale. If you are interested in reading all about our leadership program through the years, please click here!