Commit to a Girl

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Why is it important to commit to a girl?

Girls today want to be our future leaders. Girl Scouts gives girls the opportunities and resources to take on leadership roles and excel in our communities. Here is what girls are saying about leadership.

  • 72% of girls say a leader is someone who “brings people together to get things done.”
  • 65% of girls say that a leaders is someone who "stands up for his or her beliefs and values"
  • Girls define leaders by personal principles, ethical behavior and the ability to affect social change.
  • While 92% of girls believe anyone can be a leader, only 1 girl in 5 believes she has the skills to lead.

We are working to break down the barriers to girls discovering their leadership potential. Over 40% of girls are uncomfortable speaking to a group, many girls feel embarrassed in a leadership role, and 39% have been put down by peers when they’ve tried to lead.

Our mission at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa is to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. At the core of all Girl Scouts programs girls discover their potential, connect with others, and take action to achieve clearly defined, measurable outcomes in leadership.

Girls can take one of many pathways into Girl Scouting. This includes the traditional troop setting, individual girl activities, access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programming, resident and day camp, Girl Scout Cookie Program, community service projects, larger statewide programs, and Girl Scout trip opportunities.  Every Girl Scout Leadership experience helps girls realize their potential and become future leaders, community builders, and global citizens.

Today’s girls are tomorrow’s leaders, and you are helping to pave their way.